Why Professional Real Estate Photos Increase the Value of Your Property

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It is estimated that 92% of home buyers use the internet to search for properties that they are interested in, and their first impressions will be decided based on the real estate listing of each property that they view. Professional real estate photos can make a big difference to the first impression that each buyer has of your property, and there are several ways that the photos can be beneficial to help you sell your home.

Professional and Amature photography comparision

Professional and Amateur photography comparison

For example, the photos can highlight the upgrades and unique details that are available in the home, helping to justify the higher price point. With professional photos, you can help the buyers focus to be on the benefits of the home. Also, a professional real estate photographer will have the experience and understanding to know the right ways to photograph the home, in order to make sure that it displays the property in the best light possible.

Higher Price Points

By looking at trends, it has been found that property listings which utilize professional real estate photos tend to sell at a higher price point. When the photos were captured with a DSLR camera and they were professionally edited, the price of the home can sell for anywhere from $3,000 to $11,000 more than their list prices. These numbers are based on homes that are listed between $200,000 – $1,000,000, which covers a large percentage of the properties that are on the market.

Every home owner wants to maximize the price that they receive for their home, and spending a little bit of money on a professional real estate photographer can have a direct impact on the final price of the home. Some people want to save money by taking the photos themselves or hiring an amateur photographer for the job, but they don’t realize that the amateur photography can actually result in a lower price for the property. If you knew that there was the potential to increase the home price by several thousand dollars, wouldn’t it be worth spending the extra money upfront for professional real estate photos?


Faster Turnaround Time

Most homeowners can relate to the idea that their life is on “hold” until their property sells, because they have to wait for the transaction to occur before they can move onto their next step in life. There is nothing worse than having to wait for months and months before you get a realistic bid on the property, but it can happen if the property isn’t marketed correctly.

When low-quality photos are posted on a property listing, it is more likely that potential buyers will skim by the listing, because the photos won’t catch their attention when they are browsing through home options. On the other hand, high quality, professional real estate photos can help your listing to “pop,” and capture the buyers attention, making them more likely to click on the listing in order to get more information about the property.

When your listing is noticed more often, then it means that more potential  buyers are taking a closer look at the property details in order to determine if it is the right match that they are looking for. Many times, this process is a game of numbers, which means that you can speed up the process by helping more people to view the listing more quickly. It has been found that homes that have been professional photographed by a real estate photographer are likely to sell faster by at least 4 days. In some cases, the process can be sped up by as much as three weeks, compared to listings that use amateur photos.


Market it Right

Too many people are looking for the easy way out, and they settle by having low-quality photos on the real estate listing. They hope that they can save a little bit of money by doing it themselves, but usually it has a negative impact on the way the property is viewed by potential buyers. If you are serious about wanting a faster turnaround time and a higher selling price, then the first step to marketing your property is to hire a photographer to take professional real estate photos for your property listing.