Real Estate Photography in Woodbridge, ON

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We had a real estate photo shoot yesterday in Woodbridge.

As a matter of fact, Woodbridge is out of our coverage area but recently we start to do “out of coverage area”.

To make a long story short, it was clean and neat house. We always prefer to shoot such house rather than those are full of mess and you need to remind the owner and agent about all the things are not in the right place!

One other thing is really enjoyable during the shoot is that the realtor is physically there. There are some benefits if they show up. They can give an instruction about the shots they like; this will help you to save lots of times. Besides, really like to chat with them and know about the real estate market, their predictions and more.

A new thing that really helped this time was using “High-speed Sync function” of my flash, which I would never think that’s going to help me during a real estate photo shoot. This helped me to get proper exposure.

I am sharing some of the photos with you folks.

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