Real Estate Photography on a foggy day, it wasn’t easy!!

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Couple of days ago, I had a real estate photo shoot in Ajax on a fogy day and to be honest I had no idea to how to dealt with that amount of fog!! But like always, a photographer should be creative and add some improvise to his workflow, like what I did. Here is what I did: I just increase my ISO in order to avoid long exposures and shoot with wider aperture. It is something that I always avoid but in some cases you do not have any other alternative.

What I did more was touching the pictures more in post-production and the so-called Photoshop! I simply increase the contrast but by level adjustment, that helped me to eliminate some of the fog.

At the end I just fill a layer with yellow color, change the blend mode to color in order to get the filling of the sun and do some composite in order to add some cloud to the scene.

I can not say I am 100% satisfy by the out come, but I guess is thousand times better than the raw shots!

Here is some of the examples plus some interior shots.

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